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Triathlon Ireland Age Group Team

We are proud to introduce the Triathlon Ireland Age Group Teamwear.

All items in this e-store may be purchased and worn by the Age Group Team.

We anticipate 5-6 weeks for production and delivery.  Once shipped we will notify you of the FedEx tracking number. 

*Please note that while we strive to complete production and delivery in approximately 5 weeks, we cannot guarantee the exact delivery dates.  Athletes traveling ahead of the event weekend are advised to order 2 weeks in advance of these deadlines to avoid disappointment. 
If you have any concerns, please email *

To check the ordering deadline for your event, click hereWhen placing an order for one of these events, please indicate your event name and date in the notes of the order.

The Cycle SuperStore has size runs of all tri suits available for try on. Visit them at the Frameworks Building, 31 Airton Road, Dublin, D24 Aw96

Please note that for 2023 and beyond, athletes will be required to race in a suit displaying the new World Triathlon logo, introduced in 2020. The old ITU rings logo is no longer competition-legal.